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My work regularly features in various forms of international public media, including online encyclopaedias, podcasts, radio and magazine interviews, videos of public speaking engagements, and blog posts. Click on the links below to watch, listen to, or read these media contributions.

Podcast: Sebastian Kurz und Karl Lueger

“Sebastian Kurz mit Karl Lueger zu vergleichen ist nicht ganz falsch”, podcast in profil, with Christa Zöchling (in German, 2022).

Listen to the podcast here

Podcast: Jumbled Mosaics

“Jumbled Mosaics: Exploring Intracategorical Complexity in the Memoirs of Jewish Austrian Youth Emigrants to the United States”, podcast in the series Austrian Children and Youth Fleeing Nazi Austria of the Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies, with Jacqueline Vansant (2022).

Listen to the podcast here

Book Presentation: Die Grabstätten meiner Väter

“Die Grabstätten meiner Väter: Die Jüdischen Friedhöfe in Wien”, book presentation at the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow in the framework of the Jüdische Woche Leipzig 2021, with Arndt Engelhardt (in German, 29 June 2021). 

Watch the book presentation here


Guest Lecture: Nazi Cultural Genocide in Vienna

“Tim Corbett: Nazi Cultural Genocide in Vienna”, guest lecture at Wagner College Holocaust Center in New York City, with Laura Morowitz (29 March 2021).

Watch the lecture here

Radio Interview: Jüdische Friedhöfe

“Jüdische Friedhöfe”, interview conducted by Florian Müller, in: Radio Augustin (in German, 19 March 2021).

Listen to the interview here

Magazine Interview: Die stillen Hilferufe der Gräber

“Die stillen Hilferufe der Gräber”, interview conducted by Florian Müller, in: Augustin 524 (10 March 2021).

Read the interview here

Blog Post: ‘Liebe Österreicherinnen, liebe Österreicher…’

“‘Liebe Österreicherinnen, liebe Österreicher…’: Wie eine Pandemie zur (Re-) Nationalisierung Europas führt”, entry in the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) Blog Corona Diary (31 March 2020).

Read the blog post here

Encyclopaedia Entry: Arthur-Schnitzler-Hof

“Arthur-Schnitzler-Hof”, in: Lexikon zur österreichischen Zeitgeschichte (2018).

Read the encyclopaedia entry here

Encyclopaedia Entry: Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien

“Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien”, in: Lexikon zur österreichischen Zeitgeschichte (2018).

Read the encyclopaedia entry here

Podcast: Exploring Austrian-Jewish History

“Exploring Austrian-Jewish History: A Conversation with Dr. Tim Corbett”, podcast in the series Stories Survive of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York City (2018).

Listen to the podcast here

Newsletter Article: The Future of Holocaust Research

“Scholarly Conference: Between the Future of Holocaust Research / Konferencja naukowa: Przyszłość badań nad Holokaustem”, in: Memoria: Memory, History, Education / Pamięć, Historia, Edukacja 8 (May 2018).

Read the article (in English) here

Read the article (in Polish) here

Lecture and Roundtable: From Vienna to New York

“From Vienna to New York: Jewish Exiles Remember ‘Austria’ in the Aftermath of the Holocaust”, lecture and roundtable with Trudy Jeremias, Jess Olson, Michael Simonson, and Kurt Sonnenfeld at the Center for Jewish History, New York City (9 June 2016).

Watch the lecture and roundtable here

Newsletter Article: Between Memory and Oblivion

“Between Memory and Oblivion: The Jewish Cemeteries in Vienna”, in: LBI News 101 (Summer 2016).

Read the article here

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