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Tim Corbett giving a speech at the Edith Saurer Fonds award ceremony.


I am an award-winning historian, writer, translator, and editor based in Vienna, Austria. 


I was born in Munich, Germany in 1986 to an Irish/British father and a German mother. I attended school first in Germany and later in Belgium before completing my studies in the United Kingdom. Vienna has been my adoptive home for a number of years now, with a couple of years in the interim spent in the United States. English and German are my first languages, I also speak some conversational Dutch and French, and I have reading abilities in Hebrew and Yiddish.

I completed a PhD in History at the University of Lancaster in 2015 and have absolved various international fellowships since then. My research and publishing activities focus on modern Austrian history and the former Habsburg Empire, with a particular focus on Vienna’s Jewish history. I am currently affiliated as a research associate with the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna and serve as a permanent member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Austrian Society for the Study of Exile.

I also work as an academic translator and copy-editor in fields relating to European, American, Middle Eastern, and general world history and current events, with several years of experience working with major institutions and individual scholars, primarily across Europe and the United States. 

In my free time, I assist the Association Stones of Remembrance to maintain memorial plaques for victims of the Holocaust around the city of Vienna. Otherwise, I enjoy cooking, travelling, and exploring bucolic landscapes with my Serbian rescue dog, Lily.

Tim Corbett on a public square in Vienna with his Serbian rescue dog Lily
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