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My research is regularly published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals in various countries, languages, and fields, including Austrian studies, Jewish studies, German studies, Holocaust studies, and gender studies. Below you can find a complete and up-to-date list of my published peer-reviewed work in chronological order, with downloadable samples where available in open access or with links to online repositories or publisher’s websites.

Empire and (Post-) Colonialism

“Introduction: Empire and (Post-) Colonialism in Austrian Studies”, in: Journal of Austrian Studies 56/2 (Summer 2023), Special Issue: Empire and (Post‑)Colonialism in Austrian Studies, ed. Tim Corbett.

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Die Wiener Feuerhalle

“Bürgerliche Sepulkralkultur jenseits der ‘jüdischen Differenz’: Teil II – Die Wiener Feuerhalle”, in: Dialog – Du Siach 130 (January 2023).

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Die Wiener Vorortsfriedhöfe

“Bürgerliche Sepulkralkultur jenseits der ‘jüdischen Differenz’: Teil I – Die Wiener Vorortsfriedhöfe”, in: Dialog – Du Siach 129 (October 2022).

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Preservation, Expropriation, Destruction

“Préservation, expropriation, destruction: avatars des cimetières juifs de Vienne pendant la Shoah / Preservation, Expropriation, Destruction: The Many Fates of Vienna’s Jewish Cemeteries during the Holocaust”, in: Revue d’Histoire de la Shoah 215 (2022) Special Issue: Le cimetière juif dans le Shoah/The Jewish Cemetery in the Holocaust, ed. Jean-Marc Dreyfus  & Judith Lyon-Caen.

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Austria’s Modern Jewish History

“(Re-)Writing Austria’s Modern Jewish History Using Émigré and Survivor Memoirs and Other ‘Memory-Texts’”, in: Colloquia Germanica: Internationale Zeitschrift für Germanistik 54/1 (2022), Special Issue: Austrian and German Holocaust Survivor Memoirs, ed. Laura Detre & Joseph Moser.

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Migration, Integration, and Assimilation

“Migration, Integration, and Assimilation: Reassessing Key Concepts in (Jewish) Austrian History”, in: Journal of Austrian Studies 54/1 (Spring 2021) [with Klaus Hödl, Caroline Kita, Susanne Korbel, and Dirk Rupnow].

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Jumbled Mosaics

“Jumbled Mosaics: Exploring Intracategorical Complexity in the Memoirs of Jewish Austrian (Youth) Emigrants to the United States”, in: Journal of Austrian-American History 4 (2020), Special Issue: Austrian Children and Youth Fleeing Nazi Austria, ed. Jacqueline Vansant.

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Das jüdische Fabelreich in der Ostmark

“Das jüdische Fabelreich in der Ostmark: ‘Jewish’ Historiography and the Question of Origins in Vienna before the Holocaust”, in: Contemporary Austrian Studies 29 (2020), Special Issue: Myths in Austrian History: Construction and Deconstruction, ed. Günter Bischof, Christian Karner & Marc Landry.

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‘Helf uns lieber Gott…’

“‘Helf uns lieber Gott…’: Zur Entdeckung eines einzigartigen Holocaustdenkmals am Wiener Zentralfriedhof”, in: S:I.M.O.N. – Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation 6/2 (2019).

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Gustav Cohn’s Jewish Cemetery

“Gustav Cohn’s Jewish Cemetery: A Cultural History”, in: Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook 63 (2018).

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‘Like an Overgrown Garden…?’

“‘Like an Overgrown Garden…?’ Austrian Historical Memory and the Aftermath of Cultural Genocide at a Jewish Cemetery in Vienna”, in: Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust 32/3 (2018).

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A ‘Capable Wife’ or a ‘Woman of Valor’?

“A ‘Capable Wife’ or a ‘Woman of Valor’? Reading Gendered Discourses and the Commemoration of Women in Vienna’s Jewish Cemeteries”, in: Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies & Gender Issues 32 (2018).

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Culture, Community and Belonging

“Culture, Community and Belonging in the Jewish Sections of Vienna’s Central Cemetery”, in: Austrian Studies 24 (2016), Special Issue: Jews, Jewish Difference, and Austrian Culture: Literary and Historical Perspectives, ed. Deborah Holmes & Lisa Silverman.

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‘Was ich den Juden war...’

“‘Was ich den Juden war, wird eine kommende Zeit besser beurteilen…’: Myth and Memory at Theodor Herzl’s Original Gravesite in Vienna”, in: S:I.M.O.N. – Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation 3/1 (2016).

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Historic photograph of the rooftops of Vienna

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